MLB plans seven-inning doubles programs this weekend

During the return to play negotiations, it will be remembered that seven-set matches were all the rage. Why? Because when MLB wanted to bubble up in Florida and Arizona, the idea of ​​playing multiple doubles was all the rage.

Obviously, this required a reduction in the number of rounds. Why? Because playing 18 innings on a regular basis was insane.

However, with the idea of ​​playing in your own stadium, that idea fell through.

But we realize more and more that double programs will be legion this season. Due to the rain – as with the Indians and the White Sox – and the little leeway (60 games in 66 days), there could be a lot.

More importantly, COVID-19 cases could force the league to plant more. The Jays and Phillies will play it on a Saturday, by the way, to accommodate the Phillies.

And don’t make me believe the Marlins won’t fight by the ton.

Be aware that Charlie Montoyo and Joe Girardi’s men may not play 18 innings (or more) on Saturday. It would be possible to see them play either 14 or 16 innings.

The league and the MLBPA are currently negotiating to try to come to an agreement. Which? Make sure that double programs are not always nine-set matches.

We could therefore see a game of nine sets and one of seven afterwards (for a total of 16) or two games of seven sets (for a total of 14). It remains to be determined.

The goal is to try to come to an agreement by the weekend, before the Jays and Phillies games. Thus, the table would be set for the Phillies, but also for the Marlins for the next few weeks.

To be continued.

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