MLB Passion State of Strength: White Sox Approaching the Top

We have already reached a quarter of this campaign. Charles-Alexis and your humble servant have therefore concocted a third state of forces for you in 2021. We continue to go with a happy mix between the strength of the different teams and their start to the season.

Let’s go!

1 – A’s (1)

Only the weakness of the White Sox opponents in the last two weeks puts Oakland in the lead.

2 – White Sox (7)

No one is slowing them down, not Tony La Russa or the injuries.

3 – Giants (3)

How long will they be able to hold out? The rotation will prove everything.

4 – Padres (5)

Despite the intrusion of COVID-19 into the team, they are continuing their momentum.

5 – Dodgers (6)

It is slowly being replaced in Los Angeles after a slump.

6 – Blue Jays (14)

No one seems to be able to stop this attack at this time.

7 – Cardinals (2)

Taking a sweep in front of the Padres makes them tumble.

8 – Red Sox (4)

It’s more difficult lately. And they will have big formations to face.

9 – Yankees (10)

Still offensive problems, but the succession continues to excel.

10 – Astros (15)

The resurgence of Jose Altuve does no harm.

11 – Rays (11)

Strikeouts, more strikeouts and more strikeouts.

12 – Food (21)

It’s very Mets to perform in the absence of Jacob deGrom and other key players.

13 – Cubs (19)

Nothing is less certain than their position on the trade deadline.

14 – Indians (12)

Jose Ramirez and Shane Bieber continue to be the pillars.

15 – Phillies (18)

Always up and down.

16 – Brewers (8)

It was less and less obvious to hold the fort without the services of Christian Yelich.

17 – Braves (20)

We are still waiting for Mike Soroka to return to Atlanta, if there is a return.

18 – Reds (22)

We see flashes, but what is the real value of this training?

19 – Mariners (13)

April has passed, everything is back to normal.

20 – Angels (25)

Amazing how the rotation problem recurs among the Angels.

21 – Royals (9)

It was too good to last. But the future is rosy.

22 – Marlins (27)

Quietly, but surely, the young fish gain experience.

23 – Nationals (17)

The Nationals have played fewer games so far, but the fickleness persists.

24 – Rangers (24)

A start to the season beyond expectations. Not easy to face them.

25 – Diamondbacks (16)

Back quietly to the shallows.

26 – Orioles (23)

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, we see it in action now.

27 – Tigers (30)

A little renewal of life lately.

28 – Pirates (28)

Pirates no longer win series.

29 – Twins (26)

What’s going on in Minnesota? Heads will roll and players will be compromised.

30 – Rockies (29)

Outside of Coors Field, the Rockies are struggling considerably.

See you in two weeks!

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