MLB: Orioles push back left field fence at Camden Yards

BALTIMORE – The Baltimore Orioles will move the left field fence back up to 30 feet to make life a little easier for pitchers at Camden Yards.

An Orioles spokesperson confirmed the team’s plans on Wednesday, sharing an email that was sent to fans whose seats will be affected.

The dimensions will be changed in different places in the left field and the height of the fence will be raised by 5 feet. The Orioles believe that changing left field dimensions the club is creating « a fair environment for pitchers and hitters alike. »

The Orioles hit 122 home homers last year compared to 73 abroad. Their pitchers have allowed 155 home homers, compared to just 103 in opposing stadiums.

The team believe the stadium will always be a batting stadium, without being an anomaly in the MLB landscape.

Last season, Camden Yards was 333 feet to the left and 364 feet to the center-left. The fence was 7 feet high.

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