MLB: negotiations resume between Major League Baseball and its players


NEW YORK — It seems increasingly possible that the inaugural games scheduled for March 31 will at the very least be pushed back, in major league baseball.

Players and managers only talked for 15 minutes on Thursday, during what was supposed to be the second day of training camps.

It was only the sixth meeting on major economic issues since the start of the conflict on December 2.

On Thursday, the players’ union said it had little to gain from such a brief session. MLB, for its part, spoke of a lack of material to discuss.

The two parties will have talks on Friday, about less crucial files.

We do not know when the main discussions will resume.

There are about two weeks left to come to an agreement, if we want enough time in the Grapefruit and Cactus League for a real « Play Ball! » on March 31.

Three MLB representatives, led by assistant commissioner Dan Halem, showed up for negotiations Thursday.

After the quarter of an hour of discussions, Halem spoke alone for 20 minutes with Bruce Meyer, the players’ chief negotiator.

It’s unclear how the preseason matches could start as planned on February 26.

Major League Baseball has not spoken publicly on the matter.

Players are demanding significant changes. They were particularly unhappy that the teams’ payroll was limited to $4.05 billion last year, down 4.6% from that of 2017, which was $4.25 billion.

The players’ union also wants to reduce eligibility for salary arbitration to two years of service, the rule that prevailed between 1974 and 1986.

The MLBPA also wants a reduction in revenue sharing, as well as additional service time for the cream of young players.

The owners said they would not decrease revenue sharing and would refuse to expand eligibility for wage arbitration.

The two camps are also far from agreeing on the minimum wage, the prize pool reserved for the best young players and the luxury tax.

In addition, the owners would like the series to make way for 14 clubs, instead of 10; the players proposition is 12.


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