MLB: Marlins reward Caroline O’Connor as president

MIAMI — Caroline O’Connor was aware that there was a glass ceiling when she chose to enter the world of professional sports, simply because there were very few women before her who chose this way.

And in the end, she did well.

The Miami Marlins named O’Connor president of the team’s business operations on Monday, becoming the first major American sports franchise to have a president and a general manager simultaneously. The Marlins made history by appointing Kim Ng as the team’s general manager in November 2020; two years later, they made another significant gesture.

« When I meet young girls, I like that they see me in my role because I’ve never had a female role model at this level, » O’Connor said. And I want people to find themselves in me and to know that it is possible. »

O’Connor is only the second woman to serve as president of a Major League Baseball team; the Seattle Mariners nominated Catie Griggs. She joined the Marlins through former Marlins president and chief operating officer Derek Jeter in 2017 as senior vice president and chief personnel officer, before becoming the team’s operations manager in 2019.

Ng is handling operations on the ground, while O’Connor will oversee operations away from it.

O’Connor’s journey to this position is somewhat unusual. She was an athlete in high school in New Jersey – she played basketball, tennis, soccer and softball – and studied at Rutgers and New York universities, first in computer science, then in finance.

She has worked in several large companies: IBM, the financial services company UBS and Morgan Stanley. She never thought about making the leap into professional sports.

Until Jeter contacts her.

« It was the opportunity of a lifetime, » she said.

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