MLB: Major League Baseball Tired of strikeouts

In an effort to reduce the number of strikeouts, Major League Baseball will use the Atlantic League as a laboratory.

Thus, the distance between the mound and the plate will be set back 12 inches with the dual objective of reducing the number of strikeouts and encouraging the attack.

The pitcher’s plate will be installed 61 feet and six inches starting August 3 during the second portion of the season in this independent league.

Major League Baseball estimates that the move could reduce the speed of shots by 1.5 mph.

In full season 2019, the number of strikeouts increased in a 12th straight year to 42,823 strikeouts, up 33% from 32,189 strikeouts in 2007.

Over the past three seasons, there have been more strikeouts than hits, a first in the history of the sport.

The average shot was 93.3 mph last year, and Major Baseball estimates that increasing the distance between the mound and home plate will decrease the average shot to 91.6 mph.

The mound has been at its current distance since 1893, when the National League moved the plate back five feet. Strike outs fell 8.5% in 1892 and 5.2% in 1893. The batting average had fallen from .245 in 1892 to .280 the following year.

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