MLB: Los Angeles mourns legendary Dodgers descriptor Vin Scully

Mitch Hammontree gazed at the flowers, candles and messages displayed under a sign welcoming fans to Dodger Stadium at the main entrance on Vin Scully Avenue.

« It’s an altar, » the 68-year-old man from Placentia said.

The City of Los Angeles mourned the Bronx-born Scully on Wednesday, whose 67-year career in Brooklyn and Los Angeles made him the longest-serving handler associated with a single team in sports history. He died Tuesday evening at the age of 94.

With the Dodgers not returning to town until Friday, fans of all ages gathered outside the stadium and in other locations to honor Scully. Some said his soothing voice helped them sleep when they were kids.

“It was like listening to your favorite song on the radio all the time. He was always part of the scenery,” said George Esteves, a 58-year-old man from Sierra Madre.

Hammontree added, « His style was so imagery you didn’t need a TV ».

Others remembered Scully as a bridge across generations, including Kenneth Walls, 29, from South Los Angeles, who listened to him alongside his 90-year-old grandfather.

« He’s been a part of my life since I was born, » Walls said. For such a long and beautifully lived life, it is appropriate to celebrate what he represented. »

Downey’s Diana Gutierrez took her 8-year-old grandson to see the memorabilia collection on the welcome sign at 1000 Vin Scully Avenue outside the stadium.

« My grandson was saying this morning, ‘He’s such a nice person to everyone,’ Gutierrez said. I said, ‘Absolutely. It’s a beautiful memory and it’s something to be proud of here in Los Angeles.’ »

Along Hollywood Boulevard, tourists and residents alike stopped by Scully’s flower-studded star on the Walk of Fame.

Los Angeles City Hall will be lit in blue starting Wednesday night.

The Dodgers will have a crest with « VIN » above a microphone on their uniforms.

The erased type, Scully would have appreciated the tributes, but likely would have found them “a little awkward,” as he described the hype surrounding his retirement in 2016.

« I never wanted to distract from baseball itself, » he said at the time.

Moments of silence were held in Scully’s honor across the big leagues on Wednesday.

« It’s the end of an era, » Hammontree said. We thought he would be with us forever. It’s gonna be true for what he leaves behind. »

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