MLB insider’s ‘Arson Judge’ blunder gets slammed by fans: Best memes and tweets

The New York Post’s Jon Heyman chose the wrong platform to share too early news about Aaron Judge, and he shared so quickly he made a huge typo.

Jon Heyman is a trusted source in MLB, often sharing important news that is accurate and timely. This time around, he hopped on the wrong platform, Twitter, to share that Aaron Judge is joining the San Francisco Giants.

While that’s usually good news, it backfired as it wasn’t true and he made a huge typo, renaming Aaron ‘Arson’.

He then said he got carried away and the Giants have yet to hear from Judge.

Of course, Twitter users took the opportunity to make a complete meme out of it, as they do best. The results are truly comic gold.

The best ‘arson judge’ memes and tweets.

One user put their photoshop skills to the test and passed with flying colors. A photo of the judge in front of a burning house quickly became a favorite on Twitter.

Bally Sports’ Pete Blackburn made a big reference to « Smokey the Bear, » calling him the « only arson judge » he knows.

Another user tweeted that the judge was on fire with a nice font that read « Arson Judge ».

DraftKings remembers a time when the Savannah Bananas sent a player at bat with his bat on fire, the real Arson Judge.

Professional wrestler “The Undertaker” was even brought up, comparing Aaron Judge and his new alter ego Arson.

Ben Verlander also referenced the new alter ego with a reaction to the Yankees losing both.

Another made a great reference to Zoolander.

FanDuel continued the WWE theme, referencing ‘Arson’ as stepping out of a box on fire.

Talkin’ Baseball hit out at Heyman by tweeting a scene from Drake’s song. Marvins Room.

And, of course, jokes about Heyman being kicked out of the Winter Meetings also surfaced.

Twitter really is the best place to be when looking for quality ‘Arson’ judge jokes.

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