MLB in brief: US secretary meddles in lockout

US secretary meddles in lockout

United States Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh says he has spoken to the league and the Players Association.

Nick Hundley in Texas

He will be a special assistant to the GM of Rangers. He was formerly Chris Young’s teammate in San Diego.

Will Garrett Whitlock be a closer for the Red Sox?

This is what the team wants.

Kyler Murray abandons the Cardinals on social networks

Will he reconnect with his old passion? This is what some stakeholders (jokingly) believe.

Ross Atkins’ Ten Best Trades

Jays Journal revisits the team’s most notable deals under their current GM.

Happy birthday, Jason Dominguez!

The young player is only 19 today.

Dusty Baker spends the off season at his vineyard

He turns to another passion, after baseball.

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