MLB in brief: The Rays want to negotiate a new stadium | Mandatory vaccination among the Guardians

The Rays in negotiations for a new stadium

They are seeking an agreement with the city of Tampa.

Wade Davis ends his career

He notably won a World Series with the Royals in his 13-year career.

Jon Gray could sign as early as next week

He is possibly in the running to be the next pitcher to come to terms with a team.

Mandatory vaccination among the Guardians

Team employees will see their contracts end if they haven’t received their two doses by January 3.

Missed season for the Jays?

The composition of the roster could suggest that she missed big by not clinching a berth in the playoffs.

And the team will be actively looking for pitchers in the offseason, especially since they just lost a very good one.

A whole off season for the Mets!

Charles-Alexis Brisebois looks back on the last week of the Queens team, especially after the hiring of a new GM.

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