MLB in brief: Mookie Betts no longer has pain in his hip

Mookie Betts feels no pain in her hip

He doesn’t think he’s going to have surgery in the offseason.

Noah Syndergaard thanks Mets fans

He is grateful for the six seasons spent at Queens.

He wouldn’t have given the Mets a chance to match the Angels’ offer.

Marcus Thames will be in familiar territory

He has already worked with several members of the Marlins organization, including Derek Jeter in New York.

Robbie Ray receives praise from his teammate

Jordan Romano says he already saw in training camp how ready the pitching ace was for the season.

The Guardians will officially adopt their name on Friday

Their shop will be officially open from November 19th.

Aaron Judge has the confidence of Hal Steinbrenner

The team’s major shareholder believes the Yankees will have to try to re-sign the star player next season.

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