MLB in brief: Let’s watch the Orioles this winter | Josh Donaldson wants out

Let’s watch the Orioles this winter

The GM of the team warns that he risks making significant exchanges.

Juan Soto thanks his supporters

He mentions how Nationals fans have held a special place in his heart.

Josh Donaldson wants out

He will have to show perseverance at the dawn of a race for the playoffs.

A first appearance Sunday for Frankie Montas with the Yankees

He will give the Yankees a good helping hand.

A future now for San Diego

Will they be able to translate their new knowledge into victories?

A promising prospect for the Blue Jays

Will Alex De Jesus have a bright future with the team?

Review of the day’s transactions

Our columnist Charles-Alexis Brisebois analyzes the successes of a day full of twists and turns.

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