MLB in Brief: Kyle Schwarber at home run | Ben Rortvedt on his way back

Kyle Schwarber at the circuit contest

He joins Pete Alonso, Juan Soto, Albert Pujols and Ronald Acuna Jr.

Note that Giancarlo Stanton could join them, just like Julio Rodriguez or Will Smith. To be continued in their case.

The fabulous case of Justin Verlander

How did he become, after your Tommy John, such a pitcher again?

Best signing in Mets history?

Because of his impact on the field and in the locker room, the arrival of Max Scherzer changes a lot of things.

A name to remember

Spencer Horwitz is hitting well in the AAA in Toronto.

Ben Rortvedt on his way back

He started playing in the minors before moving to New York.

A Roy Halladay pitch

The Jays remember their former pitcher.

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