MLB in brief: Fernando Tatís Jr. could play next week | Victor Caratini wrote history

Fernando Tatís Jr. could play next week

Everything suggests that he will be in uniform against the Dodgers on Friday.

Joe Musgrove’s Hall of Fame Cap

Quite an honor for the San Diego native.

Edwin Encarnacion Jr., the new parrot

I won’t hide from you that I had a big smile on my face while watching this video.

You can pick up a replica of the Dodgers Champions Ring

Nice initiative from the company that made the (real) rings for the team.

Julio Teheran could miss several games

He injured himself while warming up last night.

« The ring ceremony will never beat the moment of the third withdrawal in the last match »

Lyrics by Justin Turner.

Victor Caratini wrote history

He became the second Puerto Rican to be behind the plate for at least two no-hitters.

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