MLB in brief: Alex Rodriguez addresses the Americans | Baseball Quebec is included in government support

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez address Americans

They cry out from the heart by encouraging people, especially Latinos, to go out and make their voices heard by voting in the next election.

Baseball Quebec is included in government support

The organization looks forward to obtaining financial assistance to enable it to move forward in the coming years.

What future for the best launcher on the market?

Here are the nine teams where Trevor Bauer would be most suited to next season.

Dusty Baker talks about Randy Arozarena

The manager mentions that his team faces one of the best hitters in the major leagues.

And the Rays reliever reveals the big secret behind his success.

The Red Sox will have to do without some of their players

They must make room for some of their young recruits from next year.

Aaron Boone, Yankees hero in 2003

ESPN New York marks 17 years of its Championship Series circuit against the Red Sox.

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