MLB in brief: A special mask for game #325 | A Golden Glove for utility players

A special mask for match #325

He will make history with his 325th start with Adam Wainwright tonight. This is an MLB record.

Here is the historic throw.

Aaron Judge in Boston?

He had good words for the fans of the Red Sox, the team he faced in the last few days. He didn’t close the door when he was asked if he was going to sign in Boston, but he doesn’t want to discuss this for any team.

Judge has also crossed an important mark, during the game on Tuesday night. His 57th homer for a center fielder is an MLB record.

Zack Britton in the AAA

He will pitch for SWB’s Railroads in tonight’s game.

A Golden Glove for utility players

And Buck Showalter disagrees with that.

No negotiations yet for Corbin Burnes

He is due to become a free agent in two years.

A fast ball… too fast?

Matt Blake is critical of that of Jordan Montgomery, his former player.

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