MLB: five great stories that won’t last

The season is only a few weeks old, but decisions have already been made for the poolers, both for the leaders and for those who started the season on the left foot. This week, we take a look at five players who have had a good start to the season, but who may have difficulty keeping up.

1- Yermin Mercedes – Chicago White Sox

His story is a true fairy tale, especially when he started the season with some hits in his first eight appearances, but he’s obviously the more obvious candidate to slow down. Not only is he a 28-year-old rookie, but he’s also likely to have less playing time in the coming weeks. Mercedes are not getting much play defensively, as they have Grandal and Collins in front of them as a receiver and at first cushion are MVP Jose Abreu and rookie Andrew Vaughn. So he gets most of his starts as a hitter of choice and it’s a position Tony Larussa will have to use to rest a few players.

We learned in the last days that the Marlins tried to acquire Mercedes during the offseason, which makes us think that some teams had his talent. But that is not the problem, it is rather the lack of presence at the bat which will probably make him a less interesting player for the poolers if he slows down. Obviously, we will not speak of a disappointment in his case, since he has already greatly exceeded expectations, which were zero at the start of the season. He will certainly be able to help you by the end of the season, but it will be up to you to choose the right clashes.

2- Tyler Naquin – Cincinnati Reds

What’s interesting about Naquin’s case is that he spent his entire career in Ohio. After five years with the Indians, the latter decided to sign with the Reds. And Naquin was born in Texas, so it’s not a love affair for his hometown.

Naquin came out of the blocks like a cannonball at the start of the season and his numbers are pretty impressive. Except when looking at his career stats, he has never exceeded the 14 home runs and 43 RBIs he collected in his first season in 2016. And while he may end up getting more With batting appearances in Cincinnati than in Cleveland, it would be very surprising if he could keep up the pace, especially when we see that he has just blown 30 candles in the last few days.

3- Wilson Ramos – Detroit Tigers

There is no doubt that Wilson Ramos is going to have a better season than last year. And it doesn’t take a big connoisseur to make that claim, since Ramos already has more homers this year than in the 45 games he played last year with the Mets.

The problem with Ramos is that he rarely stays healthy and it would be surprising if things get better, as Ramos blows 34 candles this summer. It should also be noted that Ramos was able to play a few games as the hitter of choice, which will be increasingly rare with Miguel Cabrera who has returned from the injured list.

And a final little note in the case of the Venezuelan wide receiver, but perhaps more in the long run, is that if the Tigers find themselves out of the playoff race very early on, they might want to give a few youngsters the chance. players to show off. And as Ramos has signed a one-season contract, he could see his playing time cut in the final weeks of the season.

4- Byron Buxton – Minnesota Twins

If you’ve been following baseball for a few years, you know Byron Buxton is a super talented player. Problem is, it’s made from wet papier mache and it’s always, always hurt.

And this season is no exception as the excellent center fielder started the season on the hats of wheels … before injuring his hamstring. Healthy, over a 162-game season, Buxton would be a strong candidate for 30 home runs, 30 stolen goals and a golden glove.

Packed with talent, Buxton had a first-round pick in 2012, second overall, behind Carlos Correa. But since entering the big leagues in 2015, Buxton has only managed to play more than 100 games once and there is no indication it will be any different this year.

5- Danny Duffy – Kansas City Royals

In most pools, it’s the pitchers who are hard to find when the season starts. We then fall back on a few young arms without experience or if not on a veteran who seems to have found the fountain of youth. And most of the time, this veteran will get back to his bad habits pretty quickly and his numbers will return to normal. Danny Duffy falls into this category with his tiny GPA of 0.39.

When you look at the numbers more closely, you should not get carried away. Not only is Duffy 32 years old, his fastball has lost some velocity in recent years. And if we take a look at his stats from the past few years, the Royals left-hander has had an earned-run average of over 4.30 over the past 3 seasons.

So unless you have an immediate need for mound depth in your pool, I don’t think Danny Duffy can meet your expectations over a long period of time.

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