MLB decided to see The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass

It was one of the big announcements of the last few days. MLB The Show 21 will land on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S while the franchise was exclusive to PlayStation consoles for several years, and for good reason it is a studio owned by Sony that is in charge of development. Better, MBL The Show 21 will arrive direct on Xbox Game Pass in day one, from April 20.

If the choice to make a multiplatform title was quite logically explained with registration of a clause in the renewal of the transfer of rights to the North American baseball championship for a video game adaptation, the arrival of day one on the Xbox Game Pass was rather strange.

But in reality it would seem that this choice is another wish of the MLB, as explained by our colleagues from the Inverse site. A decision is part of a policy of reaching as many people as possible. Thus, the MLB hopes to convert new players to this sport which is still little known in many countries. To see now if this strategy will be successful or not.

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