MLB: Cleveland Uses Away Shirt To Not Display ‘Indians’ Name

Friday night at their Progressive Field, in their first game of the MLB season against the Kansas City Royals (2-0), the Cleveland Indians wore their blue jersey intended for away games, bearing only the name from the city. By giving up using his white jersey for home matches, which displays his nickname, considered racist on the chest, the franchise has made a gesture to minorities.

As Washington’s franchise in the NFL, which will no longer be called the Redskins (« redskins »), has just done, the Ohio team is seriously considering dropping the nickname it has worn for more than a century (1915). Paul Dolan, the owner of the franchise, wants to involve Native American representative associations in the debate.

« It’s a very strong message »

Francisco Lindor, Cleveland player

“That we were wearing the Cleveland jersey today, and that Paul Dolan allowed us to do so, is a very strong message, launched Francisco Lindor, one of the stars of the team. We know that change is needed, it is high time. Shedding light on minorities, on people in need, is extremely important. « 

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