MLB changes some rules for 2020 season

MLB is always looking for new ways to try and improve the game, and several new rule changes will be implemented for next season. The main ones are the addition of an additional player on the roster, a limit on the amount of pitchers a team can carry, and the institution of the minimum of three hitters for pitchers.

Let’s take a quick tour.


First, the classic 25-player roster has been changed for the upcoming season to expand to 26 players. In recent years, the rosters have grown from the usual 13 positional players and 12 pitchers to the 13-player pitching staff. This created little flexibility on the bench, especially when injuries hit. As the advent of reliever games made it crucial to carry 13 pitchers, the MLB adjusted the roster size to allow for an additional bench player to be added.

It is critical to note that teams will only be allowed to carry 13 pitchers on the roster, so any potential shortcomings of a 14-man pitching staff and 12-man bench cannot be addressed. exploited. Teams will need to transport at least 13 position players.

Then, in September, the list will drop to 28, instead of 40.

In connection with this new rule, teams must now label each of their roster places as pitcher, position player or two-way player (A « two-way player » must have a record of a season with at least 20 innings pitched and 20 innings. matches started with three or more appearances at home as a positional player or designated hitter).

Hitters / pitchers

The most interesting rule change for this year could be the introduction of the three-hitter minimum for pitchers. Now, a relief pitcher entering an inning must face at least three batters before he can be put out of play (except for cause of injury). The old rule was that pitchers only had to face one hitter. In the future, a pitcher will only be allowed to be out of play if he has faced fewer than three batters, if it is the end of an inning, or if an injury has occurred.

Now managers will have to strategically decide when to use their relievers if they are playing the head-to-head game.

Finally, the last change concerns the minimum time on the injured list for throwers which will be reduced from 10 days to 15 days (The 10 day injured list will still exist for positional players). It’s hard to say how many phantom injuries there have been since baseball went from a 15-day to a 10-day deadline in 2017, but regardless, there should be fewer out there. ‘to come up.

While the new rules for the 2020 MLB season seem mostly minor, they will have ripple effects this offseason.

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