MLB Brief: Rays players refuse to wear LGBTQ+ logo


Rays players refuse to wear LGBTQ+ logo

And they have the support of manager Kevin Cash.

Pete Alonso is still waiting for his invitation

Should he go to the Home Run Derby this year?

A good recovery for Tim Anderson

He says he feels good and up to date in his process to return to the field.

Bo Bichette’s leadership on the pitch

Several players believe he is handling the situation as best he can, which is appreciated within the squad.

A hot start for Christopher Morel

He made at least twenty trail appearances in twenty games.

Salvador Perez seeks to make up for lost time

His thumb injury now behind him, he seeks to dominate in a way that he knows he can do.

Jazz Chisolm Jr., an electrifying player

That’s what the Marlins love about him.


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