MLB Brief: Eric Hosmer out of roster | “The Phillies are not worth it”


Eric Hosmer missing from the line-up

He still has pain in his knee.

“The Phillies are not worth it”

Keith Hernandez has asked to stop covering games against the Phillies. He judges that they are not worth the trouble.

Highly rated Brandon Barriera

The Jays’ newest first-round pick is officially among the roster’s big prospects.

Rodolfo Castro in trouble?

Having your phone in the field is illegal.

Bill Zito the beat boy

Did you know that the GM of the Florida Panthers, in another life, was in charge of picking up the sticks for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Jed Lowrie DFA

It’s the end of an era.

The impact of Mets acquisitions

The new guys are doing a good job.


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