MLB: All 30 teams will play against each other in 2023


MLB has announced that all 30 league teams will play against each other next season in 2023.

As a result, each team will play their divisional rivals 13 times, up from 19. Changes to the schedule for the 2023 season mean that each team will play a three-game series, either at home or away, against all teams in the other league.

MLB chief operating officer Chris Marinak believes the league and its supporters will benefit from these changes.

« This new format will create more variety in the matchups and it will be exciting to see the teams fighting for a playoff spot play against each other, » Marinak said. In addition, fans will have the chance to see matchups they have never seen before and it will also allow for national visibility of star players.

The regular season will start on March 30 and end on October 1.


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