MLB: A drug kingpin allegedly targeted David Ortiz in 2019

BOSTON — A drug kingpin jealous of David Ortiz’s success and who felt humiliated by him ordered an attack on him outside a Dominican nightclub in 2019, private investigators hired by the Reds have said. Boston Sox to shed some light on this story.

The findings of the investigative team of ex-Boston Police Department Commissioner Edward Davis reported in Saturday’s edition of the daily Boston Globethus contradicting the theory of a conspiracy of the Dominican prosecutors.

Davis told the Daily that he considered kingpin Cesar Peralta to be the mastermind of the case, since he put a price on the ex-Red Sox power hitter’s head and authorized mercenaries to shoot him down. Dominican authorities did not cooperate with private investigators.

Peralta is currently being held without the possibility of release in Puerto Rico for conspiracy to import cocaine and heroin. The US Treasury had previously identified Peralta as a drug kingpin in 2019, and he was extradited to the United States last December.

Ortiz spokesman Joe Baerlein told the World that Ortiz had not been informed of the findings of the private investigation for his own safety, until Peralta was incarcerated in the United States.

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