MLB: 12 ​​Miami Marlins players positive for Covid-19, game canceled


The dread of the big professional sports leagues, which are trying to resume their season behind closed doors, is taking shape among the Miami Marlins, who are living the same nightmare as Spanish football club Fuenlabrada. As MLB’s 2020 fiscal year began just two days ago, eight more players from the Florida squad, along with two coaches, tested positive for the coronavirus, ESPN sources said. This brings the total to at least fourteen cases within the franchise.

As a result, their Monday night game against the Baltimore Orioles, their first of the season at home, was called off. The Marlins are still in Philadelphia, where they played their first two games of fiscal 2020, Saturday (1-7 loss) and Sunday (11-6 victory). They had postponed their return trip after the first four cases were revealed on Sunday, including titular pitcher Jose Ureña.

To save its 2020 financial year, which was initially due to start on March 26, the MLB decided on a very shortened season (60 regular season games against 162 in normal times), behind closed doors, following a set of very strict health rules.


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