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Months go by and Mitchell Robinson definitely never manages to be quiet with his body. Operated for a fracture of the right foot last March, he then experienced difficulties with his shoes and accumulated glitches in his ankle during the recovery.

Right now, it’s his left wrist that is creaking, he explained after New York’s victory over Wolves.

« It happened a few matches ago », tells the pivot to SNY. “But without reaching a point where I would have to stop playing. I’m going to keep strapping my wrist and keep moving forward. « 

Another bobo then. However, how brilliant he has been against Detroit (17 points and 14 rebounds) or Minnesota (14 points and 18 rebounds) lately, and he is running at 10.5 units (at 91% success in shoot!) And 10 rebounds of six-game average, Mitchell Robinson is perhaps having his best time of the season.

« His activity near the circle, to change opponents’ shots, or on the rebound, with his efforts, his points in second chance … There is so much to say about his level of play », rejoices Tom Thibodeau.

Embarrassed by his foot problems a few weeks ago, Mitchell Robinson was looking for his physical sensations. Despite this alert on the wrist, he looks better and better.

“I feel that my physical condition is improving, I am already running better. I have done more than half of the way. I’m not in the best shape, nor in the worst. I still have to make an effort, get back on my feet. I have known eight months without playing and I have not done the training camp, so I have to build a condition. That’s what I’m doing right now, I’m becoming myself again. « 

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