Minnesota United FC: lack of consistency to correct

According to head coach Adrian Heath, it was inconstancy that sank Minnesota United FC on Sunday and allowed the Portland Timbers to eliminate them.

His troops let slip a one-goal lead in the first qualifying round, before losing 3 to 1 and seeing their season come to an abrupt end. This result reflects the entire campaign, and the pilot offered some possible explanations.

“I think one of the words I would use is fickle,” he said after the loss, according to the official Major League Soccer (MLS) website. I don’t think we’ve been as consistent as we should with the group we have. ”

“Obviously we had big portions of the season where our players before were not available, either [Emanuel Reynoso], wherever [Robin Lod], whether it is Franco [Fragapane], and I don’t think that helped us. ”


But the instructor still seems to have confidence in his group. He is now hoping that the offseason will give players a rest and return to action in full force. And by then, he’s also hoping the club will be able to dwell on a few weak spots.

“The players have free time, they will recharge their batteries and we will come back, hopefully stronger. But it’s definitely the best band we’ve had since I’ve been here. So if we can add to that – this will be our goal in the offseason – one or two pieces, to make us stronger in some aspects, then that’s what we’re going to do. ”

Midfielder Wil Trapp shares his manager’s outlook. While he has no answer to offer to explain the team’s lack of consistency, he has full confidence that they can fight for the top honors soon.

“It’s a place I want to be. I believe in this group and I believe in this club, ”Trapp said.

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