Minnesota Twins may be interested in Didi Gregorius


Needless to say, the market for free agents in the shortstop position is brimming with talent.

The Minnesota Twins would be looking for a shortstop, but they probably aren’t going to spend a lot to find one. Why? Because there are Austin Martin and Royce Lewis growing in their ranks.

Logically, you do not want to sign a shortstop player for seven years to, by the same token, take away playing time from these two youngsters. Forget about Semien, Correa and Story in Minnesota, then.

Instead, the Twins should go for a less talented shortstop than the ones mentioned above, but one that could do the job more while developing Martin and Lewis better.

It is for this reason that the team could be interested in Didi Gregorius.

Before he extended his contract in Philadelphia, Minnesota was very interested in his services. He could therefore acquire it via transaction this time. The problem: the shortstop has just had a disastrous season. The good news, however, is that its value is at an all-time low and we know its potential.

In addition, he has one season left on his $ 28 million contract signed last winter. If he doesn’t do well, then, the team could get rid of him quite easily thank you at the end of the season.

As for Jorge Polanco, he’s just not a # 6 position player. The guy has a good stick, but he’s horrible defensively. His position is really the second cushion.

Team leaders could also repatriate Andrelton Simmons. Freddy Galvis and José Iglesias could also be good options while waiting for the young prospects.

Before Marcus Semien signed for Toronto, the Twins had their eye on him, but it will be different this winter.


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