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Solido offers its 1:18 scale miniature of the 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Type 930 in a new orange colour, without spoiler and without foglamp. Head to Porscheplatz and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to discover this scale model in detail.

A typical Porsche 911 from the 1970s
The Porsche 911 is one of the main popular models of the French miniature manufacturer. Different generations and variations have been perfectly realized by Solido in recent years, reviving both Porsche enthusiasts and collectors.

In mid-2022, a new orange version (typical 1970s color) of the Porsche 911 Type G appeared in the Solido catalog. No aerodynamic artifice for this rare 911 with the absence of a spoiler: only the Carrera lettering on the sides. Note the reproduction of the black inking points on the side skirts accentuating the realism of this miniature.

The headlights and in particular the rear lights are very well reproduced with a depth effect, providing significant realism for a model offering unbeatable value for money. The legendary Fuchs rims are well reproduced with the Porsche logo in their center.

Although they do not easily show what is hidden behind, Solido has not neglected the reproduction of the brake discs and their calipers.

The orange color is very well applied to the metal body from a recent mould. The miniaturization of the iconic model conforms to the original vehicle with many details present. The black and orange contrast highlights the various plastic parts added. The reproduction does not have to be ashamed of the original model as we have seen at Porsche with a model from the same period.

Like many Solido models, the front doors open to show off the interior finish. A clever little tool (present on the back of the inner packaging) allows you to effortlessly open the doors without struggling with your fingernails.

The completely black interior contrasts completely with the orange of the bodywork. A light interior is unfortunately not on the program and that could be nice with a dark shade. The shiny plastic elements do not allow you to quickly see the reproduction of the various details such as the central console, the design of the seats and various buttons/commodos.

Nevertheless, the Porsche logo in the center of the steering wheel (allowing the wheels of the miniature to turn), the bottoms of the counters and the red buttons of the belt clips are present all the same in order to make the interior less dark and in order to attract the look.

Returning the miniature, Solido continues to partially reproduce the Flat 6 engine, the gearbox and the exhaust system with its exit on the left. The rubber tire coating is also quite realistic. Nothing is neglected, especially on inconspicuous parts.

With this new version of its Porsche 911 Type 930, Solido continues to surprise us by offering an attractive and original version. The configurations of Porsche vehicles are endless and this is demonstrated once again on this reproduction of a 1977 model. If you like colored models, this new reference is to be acquired urgently, especially since it is of a limited edition.

Availability & prices
This new orange variation of a Porsche 911 is available from miniature dealers under the reference S1802605 at an average price of 44 euros.


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