Miniature GT Spirit of the Audi RS 6 Avant C8 « Leon » by Jon Olsson at 1/18 – GT348 – –

A new car by Jon Olsson has been reproduced in 1:18 scale miniature by GT Spirit: the specially decorated Audi RS 6 Avant « Leon » developing 850 hp with exclusive aerodynamic appendages.

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Former skier Jon Olsson’s passion for cars has not waned over time. After previous Audis, he had the latest generation of the Audi RS 6 (C8 generation) prepared to his liking by setting the bar even higher.

Under the hood, the twin-turbo V8 engine originally developing 600 hp passed through the hands of Swedish specialist Stertman Motorsport. After changing the turbos to larger ones and reprogramming the engine with the addition of a Milltek exhaust line, the sports station wagon finally develops 850 hp and truck torque.

The performances are there with in addition a big aerodynamic optimization. The first visible elements are the reworked front and rear faces. The cars entered in the DTM were a good source of inspiration with a very pronounced front blade. The latter is enhanced with red finishes on its ends, contrasting with the black.

The rear is also impressive with its unique, perfectly integrated diffuser. The body kit was specially made by Bifrost Automotive.

This sporty station wagon also stands out with its bespoke and completely original rims. The Brixton Forged company has produced almost solid front wheels and more airy rims at the rear. Audi’s carbon ceramic braking system has been preserved and well reproduced as for the rims by GT Spirit.

Close-up photos show their superb reproduction with a great deal of detail, such as the inscriptions ‘Brixton Forges’ and ‘it’s normal’ on the front side. The red piping with the Continental inscriptions are also faithful to the original model.

The exterior also stands out with the tailor-made camouflage-style covering of the e-tron quattro prototypes. The three colors – grey, white and black – reproduce the “quattro” inscriptions offering a camouflage look. The various sponsors who worked on the vehicle are also present on the sides of the Audi RS 6 Avant.

The miniature reproduction of this design was not an easy task but in the end the result is quite remarkable. As on the real one, a covering was applied during its assembly and varnished afterwards.

Jon Olsson did not keep it long: he sold it after only 1,000 km. The car’s nickname « Leon » is a tribute to its first child: his son Leon was born shortly before his conception in 2019.

By turning over the miniature, we find the reproduction by GT Spirit of certain usual details such as the exhaust line. This view allows you to see the extensions of certain elements such as the rear diffuser and the front blade.

The interior is « classic » with black leather, carbon and aluminum elements. No customization has been done, everything is standard. Once again, the various elements were well reproduced with the various screens which are lit.

This new version of the latest evolution of the Audi RS 6 Avant is once again flawless with great originality. This miniature stands out strongly by its decoration and its extraordinary design. It will find a place of choice alongside the reproduction of Jon Olsson’s Audi RS 6 Avant DTM.

The little detail
On each miniature presented, a particular detail holds our attention. One of the most impressive elements is the reproduction of the rear diffuser with its four fins at the red end bringing a touch of aggressiveness to the rear of the RS 6 Avant which is already from very spectacular origin.

Availability and prices
Marketed since the end of December 2021 at specialized retailers and in certain toy stores under the reference GT348, the GT Spirit 1:18 miniature of theAudi RS 6 Avant Leon by Jon Olsson is offered in a limited edition at the recommended price of 109.90 euros. A few months later, this model is still available from a few retailers but only a few copies, the bulk of sales having already been made.


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