Mind-blowing, John Wall releases a perf seen only once in all of history!

Back in the NBA after 3 years in hell, John Wall perfectly put on his leader’s costume when he came off the bench on the Clippers side. Sparkling last night, the former Wizards even allowed himself to slap a unique line of stats since… 1987. A small feat that deserves to be saluted.

He hit rock bottom, and even thought about killing himself. But John Wall, like the phoenix, regained his luster to revive very nicely at the Clippers. Author of 11 points and 6 assists on average this season in his role as 6th man, the guard signed a memorable performance last night in the big victory of his team against Spurs (119-97): 15 assists, in only… 24 minutes!

You’re not dreaming, J-Wall was on the cusp of a 30-offer game had he played the full 48 minutes, and such efficiency is rare, if not unique in league history if the Added to this is his great defensive capacity, with 4 successful interceptions against Gregg Popovich’s troops.

John Wall, a perf seen only once all-time

It’s very simple: in 24 minutes maximum, there was only one player in history who had managed to distribute 15 assists or more, and to intercept 4 balls or more. It was Doc Rivers, in 1987. John Wall is now the 2nd to achieve this feat on both sides of the field:


In great shape on both sides of the field, the leader allowed himself to put on a show with some flashy caviar, including this alley-oop for Terance Mann:

To make matters worse, finally, Wall wrote a little line in the Clippers history books as a bonus, alongside the reference on the subject and the Point God:

John Wall handed out 15 assists for the Clippers tonight 🎯

The last Clipper to have 15 assists in a game was Chris Paul, with 17 assists on February 26, 2017.

Incredibly effective, John Wall has just released the most convincing match since his return to business. A very good omen for the leader, who deserves such success after the hardships he has gone through in recent years. Hat !

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