Mikel Arteta (Arsenal): “I would love to see Arsene Wenger again at the Emirates Stadium”

Mikel Arteta (Arsenal manager): “Coach of the month? It’s amazing. It is a sign that the team is performing well, that it is winning football matches and it is a consequence of that. Thank you to all those within the club who contribute to our daily fundamentals, and of course to the players who, in the end, are on the pitch, making the difference, and to our supporters. Thanks a lot.

A return of Arsène Wenger to the Emirates Stadium? I would be happy to. All doors are open to him at this club when he’s ready, when he feels it’s the right time to do it. He knows it from my side, he knows it from a lot of people at the club and I hope it happens soon because I think it will inspire a lot of people who are going to be happy to see him back. »

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