Mike Trout still hasn’t started running again

A few weeks ago, Mike Trout injured his heel. Result? He’s on the sidelines for six to eight weeks.

Obviously, for the Angels, it’s a big blow. The star outfielder sees his club losing games en masse and there is nothing he can do about it. The team is currently fourth in its division, 6.5 games behind.

He’s been on the injured list for three weeks. At best, he’s halfway through his rehabilitation. The problem?

He still hasn’t started running.

The Angels center fielder started walking on a treadmill, but nothing more. It’s hard for him to have a deadline since the guy can’t run yet.

However, he feels his heel strengthen. He feels the pain less and less and yesterday was his best day yet.

He suffered a setback about ten days ago, but now he’s moving forward. The goal is to be ready to return around the All-Star break, which is just over four weeks away.

Until then, all he can do is train hard and cheer on his teammates. Unfortunately, this is in vain since the Angels are already far behind. And without a pitcher, it will be difficult to go up the slope.

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