Mike Trout can be even more formidable at bat


For over a year, Mike Trout has been dissatisfied with his batting momentum. However, a majority of players playing in the Majors would live very well with the problems experienced by the star Angels player in order to obtain the same results as him.

Trout is currently working with former pro Paul Sorrento to find solutions and find the delicate balance to feel better when the 2021 season begins.

Oddly enough, when he’s in the training cage, Trout doesn’t use the weight transfer through his leg so heavily, whereas in a match situation he does it quite naturally. A little confusing, you might say!

The fact that everything is going differently in his head could cause him problems and Trout strongly believes that improving this mental aspect would make him a more formidable hitter.

Mike Trout more formidable, is it possible? According to the principal concerned, the answer is yes.

Since the start of his career, Trout’s stats have stood for excellence. Much like Ken Griffey Jr. during his heyday in Seattle, he alone failed to take his team to another level.

To get there, he still needs to be better surrounded. That’s another story.

Let’s go back to the problems experienced by the one who won the title of MVP three times.

I can do all of these exercises in the cage and it feels good. Then I go into a game situation, I add a weight transfer through my leg and it’s not good anymore. It’s a bit like a battle with myself, he said.

Compared to his usual standards, Trout’s 2020 season has been disappointing in some ways. Mid-season, he realized that something was wrong and the questions began.

In training 2021, he realized that wanting to exaggerate his momentum during games had the effect of making him lose the ball in his eyes for a moment.

While confirming that he does not particularly appreciate having to lend himself to intensive sessions of practice swings, number 27 has no other choice but to persevere if he wants to make this little demon in his head disappear. prevents him from performing at the height of his great talent.


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