Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom rated 99 in MLB The Show 21

The 2021 edition of the MLB The Show game is now available for all gamers of the planet. Some may have played in advance since they had pre-ordered the game, but that’s not the most important point.

Since the release date was set for today, we found out which players were going to be part of the « 99 Overall Club », which is made up of all the guys with an (almost) perfect rating of 99.

This year it’s Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom. An honor well deserved for these players, who are the best in their positions.

That’s not all. The unveiling of the “ratings” of the best players in each position was also released earlier this morning.

Guys like Mookie Betts and Nolan Arenado have odds of 98, while it varies for other guys at each position.

I’ll let you take a look:

In closing, we learned which players were chosen to be part of the “Diamond Club”. We can find the names of 40 of the best players in the MLB.

Here is the list :

I know a couple who will spend a few hours on this in the next few days, if not the next few weeks. Are you one of them?

10th Round
  • The new rules seem to appeal to players. In any case, it is the case of the pitcher of the Rays.
  • The baseball world also recognizes Patrick Marleau.

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