Mike Moustakas was traded to the Angels


Last night, the Los Angeles Angels won 25-1 against the Colorado Rockies. It was a regular thaw.

And the match lasted less than three hours. Thanks to the launcher dial.

But that’s not all the Angels won yesterday between the two teams. For what? Because the California club has also won the right to employ Mike Moustakas.

Yes, the Moose was traded last night from the Rockies to the Angels – at the heart of the series between the two clubs.

Pitcher Connor Van Scoyoc, who is a prospect, is heading to Denver to complete the transaction between the two clubs.

Note that Moustakas is a native of Los Angeles. So he goes home for the rest of things.

We knew the Angels needed a little reinforcement in the infield after the announcement of the end of the season of Gio Urshela and considering that the veteran Anthony Rendon is also injured.

Moustakas is the second veteran to land in the club’s infield. After all, Eduardo Escobar (at minimum wage) is also new to California.

Moustakas had signed a minimum wage contract in Denver this winter. It was originally a minors contract, but he made his way to the MLB club.

This means that there is no wage deduction in the agreement.

It should also be remembered that the player signed a contract for $64 million in 2020. This year, the Reds are paying him $18 million (minus minimum wage) to play elsewhere.

All the same.

Moustakas had a strong start to the season in Denver. Without breaking everything, he brought his stone to the building and we can understand why the Angels take a chance with the one who can play three cushions.

After all, the Angels were into playing anyone anywhere in the infield. Adding a veteran really won’t hurt.


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