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After a good second campaign in Salt Lake City, rewarded with a first All-Star selection, Mike Conley extended to Jazz for 68 million over three years. A logical choice from a sporting and financial point of view, but there were still a few courtiers to snatch him from Utah.

“There were a few teams involved. It was Chicago, Dallas… New York was there at the beginning, and then they were there a bit intermittently afterwards. For me it was simple. It was the easiest decision to take ” he assures in The Athletic. “There was also New Orleans. So for me it was an easy decision (based) on what we had built here and what I was able to do last year and the last few seasons. « 

« Watching Milwaukee win was awesome »

For Mike Conley, beyond the financial aspect, there is an additional motivation: the pride of trying to lead a franchise from a small market to the title.

“I just wanted to be a part of this adventure with these guys. Trying to bring a title to a city where, you know, it’s not easy to achieve. Watching Milwaukee win was awesome. You’ve known my point of view and my outlook for all these years, and you remember our project in Memphis… There was that fan reaction and all that. That’s what we want to bring to Utah, and give ourselves a chance to do it. « 

But we must not forget either that the beginnings in Jazz were not so simple, with a first campaign generally failed. We even thought that it was a casting error and that its fragility would be penalizing.

And finally, Mike Conley took his marks, and he even won a star.

“Everything was completely different from Memphis. I have slowly adapted to the system (and am) really comfortable with it, aware of what to do and what not to do. And it’s fun! It’s really fun because we have such a selfless team. You know, Donovan could turn 35 average points if he wanted to. But he chooses to create… We could all be in the 20 point average if we wanted to, but guys don’t care. And now that we are there, at this stage of our career, what better environment? « 

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