Mickey Callaway banned from MLB until the end of the 2022 season

NEW YORK – Following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment, former Mets manager Mickey Callaway has been suspended from major league baseball for a minimum period until the end of the 2022 season on Wednesday.

Shortly after the suspension was announced, the Angels fired Callaway. The latter had been hired as a pitching instructor in October 2019. The team suspended him on February 2 when the investigation was triggered.

Commissioner Rob Manfred did not release the details of the investigation’s findings, but he said in a statement that he determined « that Mr. Callaway violated the policies of Major League Baseball » which justifies his listing. name on the ineligible list.

In a report published on February 1 by the online media The Athletic, it was revealed that Callaway had « aggressively courted » several women working in sports media. He allegedly sent inappropriate images to three of them.

Callaway sent these women unwanted and sometimes unanswered messages via email, text messaging or social media, according to the report. The Athletic. In return, he would ask women to send him nude photos.

Her posts contained references to their appearance, employing a tone that made these women uncomfortable. At least once, he allegedly brought his crotch close to the face of a reporter interviewing him.

“We want to thank the many people who cooperated in our investigation,” said Manfred. The teams that employed Mr. Callaway all offered their full cooperation. « 

In addition to the Mets and Angels, the Indians had also hired Callaway in recent seasons. At the end of the 2022 season, the former instructor and manager will be able to advocate for his readmission to major baseball.

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