Mick Jagger pays tribute to Charlie Watts, a year after his death

Seraphine Roger


To commemorate the death of his Rolling Stones sidekick, Mick Jagger has released a remembrance video of Charlie Watts.

This Wednesday, August 24, Mick Jagger paid tribute to Charlie Watts, who died a year ago at the age of 80. The English singer took to his Instagram account to share photos of the Rolling Stones drummer in a sober and emotional video. In the background, he chose the song « Till the Next Goodbye » from their album « It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll », released in 1974.

On these shots, archives or more recent, Mick Jagger remembered the complicity he shared with the drummer. In one, Charlie Watts lays his head affectionately on Mick Jagger’s shoulder. More pictures follow. We can see him behind his drums, cigarette in hand, in stage clothes, grimacing or even talking at the table of a restaurant.

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Mick Jagger wrote in caption: « Thinking of Charlie today. » At the end of the video, he took the floor to talk about the friendship that united them: “I miss Charlie because he had this great sense of humor. And we were also friends outside the band and we went out a lot together. We liked sports, we went to see football, we went to cricket. We had other passions in common than just music. I really miss Charlie. »

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