Michelin reaches a new milestone at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

It’s still just a hydrogen prototype and a separate race, but Michelin, still present in the classic competitions of the endurance weekend at Le Mans, is also paving its way down the path of sustainable materials. . After announcing, last year, the introduction of 43% biosourced or recycled materials in the tires developed for GreenGT’s LMPH2G prototype, the manufacturer is taking a new step this weekend in Sarthe. He presented tires made of 53% sustainable materials.

These tires have been used for a few test laps in the Michelin Le Mans Cup, not yet for the race itself, which could happen during the season.

In Goodwood (England) until 2025

For the queen race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we will still have to wait. The creation of a category of hydrogen prototypes is planned for 2025. Michelin for tires and Symbio (a joint venture between Michelin and Faurecia) for hydrogen fuel cells are thus continuing the work started within the MissionH24 project.

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In the meantime, and in a completely different register, these new so-called 53% tires should be presented at the Goodwood festival of speed, in Great Britain, from June 23 to 26.

Also in motorcycle racing

In motorcycling, it is for the MotoE electric vehicle competition that Michelin has designed tires incorporating sustainable materials, bringing their share to 40% on average, or 33% for the front wheel and 46% for the rear wheel.

Michelin is already on this niche in the nails of its overall objective of 40% sustainable materials for all of its tire ranges by 2030. And for auto endurance, it has therefore taken the lead .

Orange and lemon peels

The sustainable materials incorporated into these new tires are diverse: carbon black obtained by pyrolysis of used tires, via the process developed by Enviro, a Michelin partner; recycled steel from industrial waste; orange and lemon peels; fir resin; sunflower oil.

Michelin recalls in a press release that this integration of biosourced or recycled materials in its tires is carried out by considering three key principles: “maintaining the dynamic of progress on the quality and performance of tires, particularly in terms of safety; the assurance that the implementation of these new materials translates into overall progress on the environmental impact of the tire, whether in terms of design, production, transport, use or recycling, taking into account life cycle analysis”. Not to mention taking into account “the real possibilities of industrializing these materials for large-scale deployment of its commercial ranges”.

Focus on multimodal mobility for Michelin

Tires developed on simulator

In the same so-called “all sustainable” approach, Michelin is deploying for the first time at Le Mans, in particular for the Hypercar competition, endurance tires entirely developed on a simulator. Both for the initial design phase and for the finalization phase during which driving simulators replaced real tests.Le Mans competition tires have been tested on a driving simulator.

This 100% digital design avoids the manufacture of many test tires and eliminates the constraints and consumption that the logistics of these tests on circuits implied. This reduces by as much, underlines the manufacturer, the environmental impact of the design and manufacture of these competition tires.

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