Michael Owen is embarrassed: the former English football star stunned to see his daughter doing a striptease on television (video)

Gemma Rose Owen, the daughter of former English football star Michael Owen, is currently engaged in reality TV show Love Island. The 19-year-old has even taken on a cult event in the series, which involves seducing members of the opposite sex to get their heart rate up.

Problem: to achieve this, Gemma Rose did not hesitate to embark on a kind of striptease, scantily clad. What did not fail to react to his dad, who first tweeted a smiley who refuses to look. He also spoke to the British people press about his daughter’s experience. Which he doesn’t like too much, but which he tolerates.

« It’s probably every dad’s worst nightmare », he launched, before supporting his daughter. But with a big warning: « If someone touches it, I destroy my TV », said the English star. The sequence must have generated enormous discomfort!

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