Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’ movie has gone into production

Michael Mann’s new project, “Ferrari”, has just entered production in Italy itself. The film from the director of “Heat” will tell the story of Enzo Ferrari, racing driver and founder of the famous prancing horse brand.

In the role of Enzo Ferrari, we will find Adam Driver, the American actor revealed in the last Star Wars trilogy. It is not his first attempt in the role of an Italian entrepreneur since he had indeed played the role of Maurizio Gucci in “House of Gucci” by Ridley Scott in 2021.

At his side, Penélope Cruz will play the role of Laura Ferrari, the wife of the protagonist. The film will be based on the book by Brock Yates, biography titled “Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine”. We will follow the Ferrari couple in 1957, when the latter is going through a financial and personal crisis: bankruptcy, marriage compromised in particular because of the loss of their son Dino a year earlier. Enzo Ferrari will then embark on an epic 1000 mile race, the Mille Miglia.

We will also find in the cast Shailene Woodley in the role of Lina Lardi, Patrick Dempsey (himself an amateur pilot) in that of racing driver Piero Taruffi, Jack O’Connell in that of racing driver Peter Collins, Sarah Gadon in that of Linda Christian and Gabriel Leone as Fon De Portago.

The release of the film “Ferrari” is scheduled for 2023.

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