Michael Jordan’s daughter’s cash reminder about her father

Born in the heart of the Bulls’ 1st Three-Peat, Jasmine, the daughter of Michael Jordan, experienced her father’s celebrity in a particular way. As such, she allowed herself to put into perspective the vision that some fans of His Airness may have.

It’s not easy to live a so-called “normal” childhood, when your father travels tens of thousands of kilometers for eight months a year, and cannot appear in public without causing a huge riot. This daily life, however, is what the children of Michael Jordan. Born and raised in the 1990s, they inevitably had to adapt to the unique life of the Bulls legend.

More than just an NBA superstar, MJ was seen as a true rockstar, a planetary icon that fans could get hysterical about. Therefore, it is difficult for him to take on the role of traditional father, and to offer his offspring activities accordingly. At the same time, the latter had trouble understanding the image of their father… which still turns out to be true.

Jasmine Jordan dismantles the fantasized image of her father

The ultimate fruit of Michael Jordan’s first marriage, Jasmine had to deal with her father’s fame throughout her youth. Now 29 years old, she can look back on this period with a certain rare detachment. In an interview with Associated Pressshe also wanted to remember that the divine aura that surrounds His Airness does not necessarily reflect reality:

It’s an incredible phenomenon, it’s the GOAT, whatever you want it to be. But he remains human. He had a lot of power, success, a super-influential voice… And he was also a role model for many people, which in my opinion he didn’t necessarily expect. What matters is that everyone knows that at the end of the day, he is human, and he is not a god, that he also makes mistakes like everyone else.

Perceived by some as a superman who has never known failure, Mike nevertheless drew his success from the setbacks and routs he experienced. This, from his adolescence, when he had not been selected to be part of the first team of his high school. Then in the NBA, after having stumbled on the Pistons for a long time in the playoffs. Flaws that he presented not only on the floors, but also in everyday life.

A clarification that had to be made by Jasmine Jordan, who herself had to witness other setbacks experienced by her father behind the scenes. Indeed, whether it is MJ or other great athletes who have marked the history of their sport, their glorification includes some limits. After all, all remain simple men, capable of making mistakes like ordinary mortals!

A privileged witness to the exploits of Michael Jordan in the NBA, but also to his disappointments on and off the field, Jasmine makes sure that everyone knows that her father is not perfect. Even the GOAT has his flaws, and his daughter says so!

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