Michael Jordan’s big confession to Scottie Pippen

If the duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen is absolutely legendary, there are still many stories around him that the public hardly knows. One of them concerns a shock confession of n ° 23 on his teammate… and we are not sure that the latter took it well at the time!

The first retirement of Michael Jordan was a big shock for the Bulls, in 1993. Suddenly, Chicago found itself without its player franchise, after three years of reign without division on the NBA. His Airness regular lieutenant, it was Scottie Pippen who took over as team boss, seeing his averages increase substantially.

However, one night of the playoffs in 1994, the elite defender found himself in the middle of an imbroglio which the Bulls would then have done well. While he wants to plant the winning shot himself against the Knicks, Phil Jackson will instead give it to Toni Kukoc, which will infuriate the American. He will go so far as to refuse to return to the field, and even call his coach a racist years later.

Michael Jordan’s big reveal about Scottie Pippen

While playing pro baseball, however, Jordan had followed the game in question, still being a fan of his team. And to believe his words some time later, he then felt pity for his ex-teammate … Asked about the case, he expressed his regret at not having been able to help Pippen:

Poor Scottie. I kept telling her it’s not easy to be me. Now he knows it. Toni was bawling like a child, and I didn’t even know him that well. In this specific case, I wish I could have played, just to be able to teach him and help him learn the game.

If the words could sound condescending, MJ would indeed have been in a good position to give No.33 some valuable advice on the pitch. Shortly afterwards, he had also reiterated his dismay at not having been able to help him. Interviewed by Jack Silverstein, Jordan added that the incident could have serious consequences for the winger’s career:

Scottie didn’t understand that, and I didn’t have the chance to teach him. He rushed and we can’t do that, especially not in a playoff match. And sadly, he’s going to be criticized the rest of his life for it. This is the kind of situation that sticks to your skin.

Pippen got into trouble afterwards with his racism accusations against Phil Jackson, proof that the story continued to gnaw at him. If only MJ could have been there!

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