Michael Jordan reveals the most important statistic to him


Ultimate champion and inveterate competitor, Michael Jordan also presented statistics often dizzying. In an interview carried out in 2003, however, he agreed to designate the most essential according to him.

Ten times top scorer in the league, author of a season at 37.1 points per game or even 15 triple-doubles, record holder for the number of points scored in a playoff match… There is no denying it, Michael jordan knew about incredible statistics. An expert in scoring, he also knew how to be intractable in other areas when the circumstances required it.

In view of his career and the improbable records he was able to sign, it was finally logical that His Airness was asked about his stats during his last NBA season, in 2003. The subject of a long interview with TNT on the sidelines of All-Star Weekend that year, the legend of the Bulls had surprised by saying that all this data was of little interest to him.

Well, that’s never what motivated me. Stats follow when you put in enough effort. You don’t have to worry about it. If I was playing for the stats, I wouldn’t have retired in 1993, or I would still be chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career points record. This is not what motivates me. Of course, they are the ones that define me to some extent with people who don’t know me. Looking at them in 20 years, they will be able to tell themselves that I was good enough. But that’s all.

Jordan only obsessed with winning

MJ’s detractors, oh so many, then accused him of delivering a tissue of lies, since he would have been obsessed with his numbers throughout his career in the league. Mike however claimed to see things differently, and through the sole prism … of victory.

All that matters is winning titles, and winning at all. The stats that are important to me are the matches we’ve won, and the titles we’ve accumulated.

Not really on this point during the first years of his career, Jordan subsequently managed to raise the bar brilliantly, and accumulated successes during the 1990s. What, today, remain as one of the greatest “winners” in history!

Accustomed to offensive cards and well blackened stat sheets, Michael Jordan ensured that he only watched one thing: the victories and consecrations of his team. Luckily for him, one often led to the other!


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