Michael Jordan receives an extremely rare compliment by … Isiah Thomas!

Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan still maintain the most legendary of the history of the league … This is what makes the last statement of « Zeke » so exceptional. Indeed, the leader of the Bad Boys paid a compliment to his worst enemy!

Rivalries are a bit lacking in the NBA lately … If Trae Young managed to alienate Madison Square Garden during the playoffs, and the animosity should still remain for some time, he has not really taken the lead with the Knicks players. The proof, Derrick Rose made a buzz towards him after the Hawks qualified !

And this is also a criticism that many « purists » make of the current league: the players are too often friends or nice! Just hear the words of Lebron james after eliminating the Lakers to figure it out. He did a huge compliment to 5 young talents, including his executioner !

It is difficult today to imagine a tension like that which still reigns between Isiah Thomas and Michael jordan ! The two have hated each other since the 80’s, and Bad Boys frontman never misses an opportunity to destroy His Airness in the media. This is what makes his last statement so surprising… He paid a compliment to his worst enemy on the set ofESPN !

I come from a time when the key words were humility and respect. Right now it’s a time when guys say they’re the best. I’ll even talk about Jordan… I never heard him say he was the best player of all time. Currently the players say they are the best, persist and sign. We prefer to let people say it.

You’re not dreaming, Isiah Thomas paid a compliment to Michael Jordan! So he does not talk about his game or his exploits on the field, he prefers to highlight the humility of No. 23 in the debate around GOAT and the best players in history… But all the same! And we can’t prove him wrong on this point.

When LeBron James is regularly in the conversation for the title of best player in history, MJ has always preferred to avoid the question for the simple reason that he has never been able to measure himself against certain legends. Times are changing, and so are personalities …

If Isiah Thomas made a compliment to Michael Jordan is that the attitude of the new generation is really pushing him to the limit! MJ will appreciate it all the same.

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