« Michael Jordan has refused to speak to me for 10 years, this is what I would say to him… »


A fierce competitor, Michael Jordan has shown many times during his career that he can be particularly resentful. This is also true in his personal life, since Her Majesty has refused to speak to another superstar for more than 10 years now. Nevertheless, an outstretched hand from the principal concerned could change the situation…

When Michael Jordan feels betrayed, it’s usually for life. We also imagine that Scottie Pippen and him are not ready to share new moments together, the great unpacking of Pip ‘having been very little appreciated by MJ. The pretty crazy situation between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippenwhich is much talked about in NBA circles, will not help matters…

The former Bulls number 33 is not the only legend of the 1990s to be in Jordan’s crosshairs, since a certain Charles Barkley has been blacklisted for a long time. It must however be remembered that during their career, the two men were very close, even going so far as to consider each other as best friends. An era now over.

In question ? A comment that went very badly a decade ago, when the Hornets were still the Bobcats. Already owner of the franchise, which chained mediocre seasons, Jordan had been tackled by Barkley. The latter essentially felt that his great friend was not a very gifted owner. The sanction had been immediate, since « His Airness » has simply not addressed a word to Barkley since.

Charles Barkley wants to reconcile with Michael Jordan

If MJ has never raised the subject publicly, Barkley has several times regretted this abrupt end to his friendship with the mythical number 23. Recently, he gave a layer of it by reaching out for the first time, in a clear way, to Jordan. Will this outstretched hand be taken by MJ? Nothing is less certain, but the words of the Chuckster are clear:

This is a truly regrettable situation, both for him and for me. I have to do my job, and that’s the priority. I can’t criticize other coaches or managers, and not criticize him because he’s my best friend. I just didn’t think he was surrounded enough in his front office to be successful. I said it, and I had no problem saying it. He didn’t like it, and we haven’t spoken since.

What would I say to him if I had him in front of me? Probably: “I said what I thought, and sorry if that offended you. Let’s forget this bullshit, and instead go back to golf and have fun.

Visibly touched by the loss of his friendship with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley seems ready to bury the hatchet with the one who was his best friend. Is the converse true? That’s the whole question, and it seems legitimate to have some doubts about it…


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