« Michael Jordan gave me 40 points and called me a big bitch »


Michael Jordan was a real killer on the field, who didn’t really feel sorry for his poor opponents. For example, during his time at the Wizards, he made his defender live a real nightmare, before insulting him with all the names. Savage.

Michael Jordan is still seen today as one of the greatest competitors in basketball history. Without even mentioning his exceptional level, which allowed him to blithely dominate his opponents, he had a totally crazy mentality and his hatred of defeat took precedence over everything else. In Chicago, it was better to see things like him…

And when he was on the court, MJ would do anything to get the better of his opponents, including using his mouth to knock them off balance. He is not necessarily placed in the category of a Gary Payton or a Larry Bird by observers, but he was nonetheless a great trash-talker. His 10 biggest verbal attacks are quite rare insolence.

Al Harrington, the “bitch” of Michael Jordan

And even at the end of his career at the Wizards, when he was no longer necessarily the best player in the world and his team was not necessarily the best, the legendary No. 23 took malicious pleasure in disrespecting to his young colleagues. Passing through a podcast specializing in weed, Al Harrington returned to the match where Michael Jordan insulted him from one end to the other:

Michael Jordan never fought in the NBA, did he? But he talked so much that he had to have the means to defend himself in the event of a skid. He called everyone a bitch on the field. « Come here bitch », « Shut your mouth bitch », « I have to tell you something bitch ». And everyone went there like: “I’m listening to you Mike, what do you have to say to me”. He was talking way too much, but that’s Michael Jordan. Even at 41 he was too strong…

I remember the game where he called me a bitch, and I tried to answer him. I clearly told him that I was not one. I wasn’t even aggressive, I didn’t want to fight him or anything. He looked me in the eye and said, « Boy, you’re a bitch. » On this match I remember that he put more than 40 points and I 35. He sent me his shoes after the match.

Michael Jordan was ruthless on the pitch and he didn’t hesitate to speak badly to some opponents, with harsh words that could trigger scuffles. Fortunately, he enjoyed the immense respect of his rivals for him, and no one really dared to confront him, at least not until it came to blows. That’s also the advantage of being one of the best players of all time.

Michael Jordan was a late-career boss, and he knew it perfectly, reason why he allowed himself some rather disrespectful slip-ups. And as crazy as it may seem, no one really dared to answer him.


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