« Michael Jordan Changed the Game for the Worse, and Here’s Why »

Ultimate reference and strong candidate for the honorary title of GOAT, Michael Jordan had a monumental influence on basketball and on the NBA. However, for a famous analyst, this would indeed have been harmful to the game!

An unbeatable monument of American and planetary basketball, he rarely sees simple journalists daring to question his impact on sport. Michael Jordan is indeed used to being the subject of praise in the US media, including today. And yet, it sometimes happens that certain members of the press go against the grain, and target the bad sides of his career. This has been the case again recently.

Michael Jordan guilty of a big NBA drift?

On the set of First Take, Stephen A. Smith had to get wet on the case of Steph Curry, and the possible change he would have caused in the game with his 3-point shots. According to him, the leader of the Warriors would not be to blame in this story… unlike Jordan. Indeed, for the ESPN journalist, His Airness would have indirectly caused the individualization observed in the league since its passage!

Michael Jordan is as responsible as anyone for changing the game for the worse! And it’s not an attack on the one I consider the best in history. But he was so phenomenal, the NBA started emphasizing the individual, the public started gravitating towards the individual, and the game became a little more individualistic. Because people wanted to be like Mike.

For Smith, the disappearance of the collective in the league, or at least its withdrawal, would therefore be to the credit of MJ, the precursor of this change:

Before Mike, there was Bird and Magic. And what were Bird and Magic? Also good shooter and clutch was Bird, he could pass, rebound, and he had a real team around him. Magic was Showtime. He was certainly phenomenal, but his No. 1 attribute was passing. And he also had a huge supporting cast. What I mean is, the team was coming first, until Jordan changed all that.

Not sure, however, that everyone validates this view of the facts, or considers this transition initiated by Mike as a bad thing.

For Stephen A. Smith, Michael Jordan would be at the origin of the most regrettable change observed in the NBA. The many worshipers of the legend of the Bulls should now no longer delay in defending him!

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