Michael Conforto will not play this year

A few weeks ago, we learned that Michael Conforto did not yet have a contract due to an injury suffered during the work stoppage. His agent Scott Boras, however, said he would eventually sign.

Conforto was even attracting the attention of a club outside of MLB.

That said, for the past few weeks, it seems that your state of health has worsened. Conforto will ultimately not sign a short-term contract as he has just undergone shoulder surgery. His injury must have been worse than expected, then.

We shouldn’t expect to see him play this year and he should be ready for the 2023 campaign and the next training camp.

Conforto will therefore be able to sign next year without being attached to a compensatory offer, which is good for him at this level. That said, the rest is a shame since he could win big in theory.

After the 2020 season, Conforto lined up to sign an excellent contract in the nine figures. That said, its tougher 2021 season has slowed its market, the lockout did not help his cause and his injury was the nail in his coffin.

I don’t know if he will be able to sign a big contract in a year, therefore. Maybe he’ll have to settle for a one-year deal to prove his worth before potentially hitting it big again in about 18 months.

We wish him first of all to recover from his operation. After that, we will see for 2023.

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